Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Priest

Before I go posting a bunch of random things that are unrelated to druids entirely I'd like to introduce my priest. I made a priest towards the end of Trial of the Crusader in order to experience another healing class' play style. I choose discipline due to our raids needs if I ever brought her, and just how neat bubbles are. She leveled fast as a healer, and I had fun. She gained a few RP elements when she was doing the beginning Wrath quests. I found the lovely buff from whisper gulch ore fragments and kept it with me. Then I got the nice haunted buff from the Wrath launch events from a friend. Suddenly I know what kind of RP I wanted to do with her!

I've always loved the Old Gods, they were part of the story I keep coming back for. I even went looking for them back in vanilla, similar when I ran around looking for Ashbringer, but those are another story. The priest then should be like me and be fascinated with them, but even go further! So I figure she's going insane, so what better character to have level only doing archaeology looking for yummy items for me ^.~

With Kae's posts where her characters interact with each other I really like that dynamic. However, how would my druid react to my priest? I can't tell yet, it's been driving me insane trying to figure it out. Inc H.P. Lovecraft inspired posts about doing Archaeology.

PS. Thanks Keredria and DBM :D


  1. Hooray! Lets be creeped out by the scary voices together!

  2. Yay scary voices!

    I just hope I find the items I want before I have to update DBM to a version that it is taken out of ><