In real life I'm 25 now, working as a software tester. I tend to find bugs really easily. In WoW I have a level 60 druid named Sakaki on the realm Azgalor. I say level 60, because for me that's what she still is. Sure she has leveled to 85 now, but there's nothing quite as memorable as exploring the entire continent the first time at 60, and all the friends and things you do there. I think she'll always be the same as back then in her mind anyways, so I shouldn't start thinking she leveled up now either.
I've been an officer in most any guild I've been in, though that list is small. Not that I've tried to be an officer, I guess I'm just helpful. Currently I'm an officer in Maelström. I've been playing this game since... when was beta, or does wc3 count too? But I quit during Burning Crusade because a lot of my friends left, and college was something I cared more about. Came back at the start of wrath unintentionally in order to just take some screenshots of my cute green dress and outfit... now it's over a year later. I found I really can't enjoy playing another MMO because I'm not as interested in the storyline.

I created this blog in order to write things down, perhaps reveal a few things, and of course to connect with people. Most of this blog will be about my druid and maybe a little about myself. I know I won't be able to help myself from mentioning my priest, so lets just say she's a little strange and don't mind her.