Monday, March 28, 2011

That Guy!

Tags! New tag: that guy! So that guy was a rather main part of last post I did, though he wasn't very main. That guy is the guy who I hate and he hates me and he deleted my vent channel. My stated goal is to get him to talk to me about something bad I did. So I screwed with his vent channel last week, and he came into the channel me and 2 other officers were in and said something like "STOP @#$%ing with my vent channel." So close! But he didn't single me out. So this week I changed his [Officer] rank to [IDDYC] with the description "I Didn't Delete Your Channel." Well he hasn't said anything yet or prolly logged on.

On a related note the Guild Master and mutual friend apparently talked to that guy about me last week. Basically saying he should talk to me about stopping all this nonsense. He even tried to give that guy a link to this blog. So he may have read the last post, idk. As the response was told to me he said both "I hate him I don't need to talk to him" and "I've talked to him before." I certainly don't remember the latter one, but could be wrong.

I specifically love the story of this one icc raid where I had a headache at the start so was in my own vent channel. I took some yummy pills and it went away pretty quick. But then no one told me to get in vent, or dragged me, or asked me to move. So I was perfectly happy sitting around listening to music. So then we get to Suarfang, and normally I switch to dps, but I'm also not normally with the other two healers that night. So I stand there a waiting to heal or someone to tell me to switch. So the pull starts and I'm watching people look at me feeling all nervous. Target me, Target boss, repeat. And then like 3 sec before the boss pulls one of the other healers whispers me "go dps." So that was a wipe.

Apparently during all that I was being yelled at in vent by everyone. I just sat in my channel below them confused ~.~ So then I went dps. And was kinda laughing cause still no one except the one healer had whispered me or entered text into the chat window about me switching or anything. I believe they were yelling at me in vent still though. And then I think I raided mostly in my channel cause still no one told me to switch vent channels. I think someone dragged me eventually.

[makes me smile] :)

Oh and as for my hate for him. It's not really hate. Here's a fact about me that could make no sense. I hate guys. He's a guy. That's about it. I find it awkward, funny, and confusing that he seems to avoid talking to me. I know when we first met he'd go flirting with all the girls and I'd go trying to counter him. Partly cause I found that annoying, partly cause it was fun, and partly cause he's quite the trade troll. Prolly other reasons too. And I think that might be why he hates me so much or avoids me? But really I have no problem with him. Well, Cho'gall fears staying on me full duration is a lil problem. (1 raid with his healer last week) Also I'm rather incredibly mischievous if you try to talk to me which MUST be annoying. So that doesn't help.

poor blog has become hateful, this is all in good fun I assure you

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I've like not played wow in 2-8 weeks except raiding. Oh, and I logged on to check if I had a battered hilt still for someone, but I don't know who it was so I never told them I have one. And! I logged on to make pants for someone cause I halfway made them weeks ago, and by god that didn't take long cause have you seen the cast bar on tailoring epics? No, of course not it's that fast. And a few minutes of fishing for Vortex. Otherwise I've been busy driving, shopping, driving, visiting friends, or playing Pokemon. Not that I've been playing Pokemon non-stop.

So there's been like nothing to post about wow. We killed Cho'gall at some point and haven't done much more than that. OH! I finally got power torrent after like 2 months of everyone else getting it cause everyone forgot about me and kept asking me to enchant their stupid chest or boots and what not. Though I got it by not turning in 9 shards to the gbank so no one knew they existed so I could buy the pattern and enchant my weapon myself. And omg our guild's other raid has like 3 heroic modes down or something but no one tells me the number or when we kill something so our website says zero not that I'm the, whatsit, webmaster or anything.

Oh and some guy thought I deleted his vent channel which was remade near instantly and the first time in 2 months I stayed overnight in vent he deleted mine so I come back the next day sitting in the lobby. I may have taken away his broadcast away for a few minutes and will probably do more to him tonight since I'm feeling pissed again. Oh! I'll make his channel a weird broadcast mode *evil laugh* (my hatred stems from the fact that he refuses to confront me about anything I do, maybe this time!)

There sure are lots of reasons to not log onto wow for me. No one to play with sucks too. I've got one main friend left who always does their heroic for the day and never wants to do another. Anyone else in guild I go with seem to always want to do achievements which I always tend to die during. ("but it's the way you are supposed to do the boss" 'or we could skip the boss' ... *dies*) and that's assuming they haven't already finished their one daily before 5:30pm or later! I could go do archaeology and go insane, or do dailies and hate myself as I'm camped at a graveyard that resses me every 30 seconds.

So I could do all of that or I could text my friends who can't play and play Pokemon and watch Adventure Time!

I'm good at depressing randomness

Friday, March 4, 2011

Internal Blizzard Policies

Most of this is not based on facts, just ideas.

Blizzard is a company and as such has policies and management dictating decisions. One policy I firmly believe in currently is that each expansion class spells are strictly limited in order to make classes feel equal. I've heard my guildies talk of BC spells being unequal, according to WoWWiki classes got 5-6 new spells. Some felt they deserved 6 when they only got 6 or some were completely useless; arguments ensued. Now in cataclysm every class got three spells.

Perfectly equal with every class getting exactly three new things. Which is why, although I think it would work amazingly, we won't be seeing a new druid healing spell, although making shrooms have a heal might work. Then again I could be completely wrong, Spirit Link Totem, grats shamans! Really, we both need fixing. I guess your new spell made it through the management levels faster ;) I'm hoping we get something similar since there are still issues.

I have also noticed a change in the way the game has been handled recently. I have an idea that this translates back to something within Blizzard that has changed. The change I've noticed relates to the distribution of patches. It's true I've never been through a previous expansion, so perhaps I am wrong. However, I have been through a lot of patches.

Previously patches were something I dreaded, and still do, full of bugs, addon updates, hours of unexpected downtime, and just eww. But since the release of 4.0 the patches have seemed smoother. This may just be coincidence and Blizzard might not be doing anything different. I at least think they are though. It seems patches on the PTR stay there longer. The bugs get worked out, and the patch goes live with a lot fewer issues overall. There are lots of hotfixes I attribute to it being an expansion, but there aren't many major bugs.

I've also been rather bad at predicting when patches will come out lately. I'm normally on target or off one week rarely, and I've been consistently off by two weeks. In fact I've given up predicting when they come out. The patches seem to be lacking in extended downtime or server crashes. There's been fewer server crashes and lag outs since 4.0 than the few patches before in wrath. Also, I believe, the expansion was playable. I've heard that didn't happen when wrath came out. I wasn't there though, so I can't say anything for sure.

What does this all add up to? I can't say for sure, but being in the software field, especially a tester, I think they could be focusing on quality. Before I'd say they were focusing on keeping people interested with new sh-ahem, stuff. I've felt that they didn't need to do that at all through all of wrath and maybe they caught on. Maybe they are focusing on quality now. Or maybe there's a new boss. Whatever the case, I'm glad that when a patch comes out I'm not hating the fact that I have to raid cause that's where peoples schedules line up.

incoming extended downtime to prove me wrong