Monday, March 28, 2011

That Guy!

Tags! New tag: that guy! So that guy was a rather main part of last post I did, though he wasn't very main. That guy is the guy who I hate and he hates me and he deleted my vent channel. My stated goal is to get him to talk to me about something bad I did. So I screwed with his vent channel last week, and he came into the channel me and 2 other officers were in and said something like "STOP @#$%ing with my vent channel." So close! But he didn't single me out. So this week I changed his [Officer] rank to [IDDYC] with the description "I Didn't Delete Your Channel." Well he hasn't said anything yet or prolly logged on.

On a related note the Guild Master and mutual friend apparently talked to that guy about me last week. Basically saying he should talk to me about stopping all this nonsense. He even tried to give that guy a link to this blog. So he may have read the last post, idk. As the response was told to me he said both "I hate him I don't need to talk to him" and "I've talked to him before." I certainly don't remember the latter one, but could be wrong.

I specifically love the story of this one icc raid where I had a headache at the start so was in my own vent channel. I took some yummy pills and it went away pretty quick. But then no one told me to get in vent, or dragged me, or asked me to move. So I was perfectly happy sitting around listening to music. So then we get to Suarfang, and normally I switch to dps, but I'm also not normally with the other two healers that night. So I stand there a waiting to heal or someone to tell me to switch. So the pull starts and I'm watching people look at me feeling all nervous. Target me, Target boss, repeat. And then like 3 sec before the boss pulls one of the other healers whispers me "go dps." So that was a wipe.

Apparently during all that I was being yelled at in vent by everyone. I just sat in my channel below them confused ~.~ So then I went dps. And was kinda laughing cause still no one except the one healer had whispered me or entered text into the chat window about me switching or anything. I believe they were yelling at me in vent still though. And then I think I raided mostly in my channel cause still no one told me to switch vent channels. I think someone dragged me eventually.

[makes me smile] :)

Oh and as for my hate for him. It's not really hate. Here's a fact about me that could make no sense. I hate guys. He's a guy. That's about it. I find it awkward, funny, and confusing that he seems to avoid talking to me. I know when we first met he'd go flirting with all the girls and I'd go trying to counter him. Partly cause I found that annoying, partly cause it was fun, and partly cause he's quite the trade troll. Prolly other reasons too. And I think that might be why he hates me so much or avoids me? But really I have no problem with him. Well, Cho'gall fears staying on me full duration is a lil problem. (1 raid with his healer last week) Also I'm rather incredibly mischievous if you try to talk to me which MUST be annoying. So that doesn't help.

poor blog has become hateful, this is all in good fun I assure you

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