Thursday, July 23, 2009

Healing Alts

Lately a few friends have been making healing alts. One even made druid healer, which surprised me since he was trying to make something for every role, and already had the other two roles a druid could do. Somehow I'm the one they come to on advice for talents and healing. It's really interesting teaching others how to use a healing class. Mainly the two people are Dravus who made a druid and Lyricz made a shaman, which is now her main character.

Dravus had leveled from 25 to 60 in one day, and then dual spec'd. I'm a real fan of leveling up your character slowly so you can learn what you like, what the spec's are, and how to use it though. I gave him enough advice and help with talents to get him started, and he should be able to heal things just fine. From what I've heard he can and enjoys it. though I'll have to wait about 10 levels till he gets to where my 70 hunter is to find out how well he's doing. Or level one of my level 30's.

Lyricz was a bit more interesting. We actually started shamans together, but she wanted her's to get to 80 a lot more than I did, so we split apart around level 30. She leveled as a healer, which I consider insane as my 73 druid was pulling around 300 dps in great healing gear back then. Questing was unbearable. Shaman dps as restro seems to be better though, since my shaman is restro at level 40 and can quest a lot better than my druid could.

Helping her I haven't been that useful though. Shaman is a lot different and using what I know I seem to have made a really bad shaman healing spec for her. Not sure at all what went wrong with it. She's got a good spec but seems to need to learn a bit more in order to be an awesome healer. Shaman is a very new world for me, since I slept in the emerald dream for two years right before the dark portal was opened. Or at least that's how I like to put it. My own shaman is only level 40 and near invincible.

And I'm planning to make a new druid soon and level her as a feral druid. I'll definitely dual spec her to healing, since I love that so much. My main goal is to learn the aspects of being a feral druid. I've never had a problem with balance or healing, but being a cat has always been so foriegn to me. I'd just click buttons and then switch back to caster confused as to what I was doing as a cat. I'm a little more successful as a bear, but without talents it seems so hard to do anything. (I really should level my shaman or priest for healing... druid first!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Somewhere in my 50's back in old WoW I discovered Geenia Sunshadow, my favorite spot to repair in Nighthaven, sold special rare dresses. I don't know if the pretty green wedding hanbok was the first one I bought, or if it was the red one, but I always gave the red ones to alts. The green one is part of my favorite outfit I love to wear everywhere I can. I'd always be running around Ironforge looking very close to the picture of my character on here.

About the same time I got my favorite dress I also got some sort of wardrobe addon. I think that was the name back then. And finally there is some sort of default blizz option for this. I've not had time to play around with their's until now, but on almost all my characters I have four different outfits set up in my addon: cute, default, pvp, and birthday suit. The last one was a default one that came with it, but I had to modify it to only unequip durability items and of course switch out my chest armor for one of my many cute dresses I always carry with me, instead of standing around in my undies.

So my first test of this new system showed me it is missing my favorite features. With my other addons I can choose if it saves each slot. This allows me to keep a tabard equipped while switching sets without having to save the tabard in each set. Also updating new sets in this system seems a little odd. If I get a new piece of gear and wear it during the raid I got it, then come back later to update the armor set, well first it's gonna put the old armor back or complain it can't find it. Then I have to make sure I equip it right again before saving it. My old addon just hit update, and select the one to save, and accept.

Last little quirk that I don't like is it moves my armor around all weird. Not sure how the one I have is able to switch the armor almost perfectly between the same spots in my bags, but I love it. For now I'm gonna stick with my old addon. It has some issues since it's 4 patches old, but all the parts I use still work just fine. Maybe I'll code it myself if it breaks and no one updates it, but for now it's perfect and allows me to look cute whenever I want.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Welcome I guess. This will be the first of my blogs that I actually plan to update and use! A World of Warcraft blog about a healing druid is completely unoriginal. In fact when reading up on some different addons and druid healing I came across a whole group of these. One in particular inspired me to start my own, that'd be Tree of Life. It was a very enjoyable read and reminded me of some of the interesting things I've done when playing WoW.

Tree Sproutling is a name that kinda came from a combination of things. The first was an awesome RP game master that just had the best intro ever. Had I been thinking clearly instead of giggling like a schoolgirl I would have saved it. Well I was standing next to the fruit vendor in Dalaran, the one that's a tree. So the GM starts with a sproutling growing out of the ground in front of me, reaching full growth and saying hello. Standing next to that vendor I just start giggling, and his conversation continued and ended with gestures and the sproutling returning to the earth. It was awesome.

Also reading some of Tree of Life I came across the posts about the Teldrassil Sproutling. Just made me feel kinda like that lil guy learning from bigger druids. Though I've never learned anything about healing from one, I learned from healing everyone else more so. I also fell in love with the pet and had to go get one as soon as I figured out how. Now I have my first raiding pet and a blog.

This is just a place for me to post some of the interesting things I do. I might discuss some healing mechanics since that is one of my favorite things to do. Although I can't say I'm an expert at anything. I do have some amazing fond memories back when I raided at 60, but a lot has changed since then.