Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Somewhere in my 50's back in old WoW I discovered Geenia Sunshadow, my favorite spot to repair in Nighthaven, sold special rare dresses. I don't know if the pretty green wedding hanbok was the first one I bought, or if it was the red one, but I always gave the red ones to alts. The green one is part of my favorite outfit I love to wear everywhere I can. I'd always be running around Ironforge looking very close to the picture of my character on here.

About the same time I got my favorite dress I also got some sort of wardrobe addon. I think that was the name back then. And finally there is some sort of default blizz option for this. I've not had time to play around with their's until now, but on almost all my characters I have four different outfits set up in my addon: cute, default, pvp, and birthday suit. The last one was a default one that came with it, but I had to modify it to only unequip durability items and of course switch out my chest armor for one of my many cute dresses I always carry with me, instead of standing around in my undies.

So my first test of this new system showed me it is missing my favorite features. With my other addons I can choose if it saves each slot. This allows me to keep a tabard equipped while switching sets without having to save the tabard in each set. Also updating new sets in this system seems a little odd. If I get a new piece of gear and wear it during the raid I got it, then come back later to update the armor set, well first it's gonna put the old armor back or complain it can't find it. Then I have to make sure I equip it right again before saving it. My old addon just hit update, and select the one to save, and accept.

Last little quirk that I don't like is it moves my armor around all weird. Not sure how the one I have is able to switch the armor almost perfectly between the same spots in my bags, but I love it. For now I'm gonna stick with my old addon. It has some issues since it's 4 patches old, but all the parts I use still work just fine. Maybe I'll code it myself if it breaks and no one updates it, but for now it's perfect and allows me to look cute whenever I want.

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