Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Altena: Somewhere New

Upon returning to Professor Jones I asked him about the Kracken fossils and what he thought it might mean. He hastily replied it was of little importance and probably was from times before the Sundering. Then he went on to describe some great dwarf finds or something and people exploring outland, Orcs, and how I should be intersted. I stared past him ignoring whatever he went on about. He finally noticed me staring after a while and just taught me the next set of skills, showed me a new map, of outland no less, and made some half mumble of an excuse to be off. I departed through the window and was off to Kalimdor once more.

There was nothing much at all to say about this stretch of fossils and night elf artifacts. I found some glass animals. Some lovers notes and words to each other centuries old. Do they still exist Night Elves were immortal until not too long ago. Perhaps she died in some ancient battle though. How old are these anyways? Through all the purpose put on finding these artifacts there is nothing to date them. Such a use would be ideal in finding out if the Tentacles are indeed from before the sundering. Or did they come to rest here by some other means.

Another trip was called for to Jones. He seemed to remember me this time, gave me my map and sent me away. Back to Kalimdor back to fossils and Night Eleves. Back to Jones. For the same areas needing to train this often has become tedious. There was nothing new of interest. I found some bone fossil pet to follow me around. Some bones to turn me into a Naga illusion. Junk not worth interest for my true goal. I mentioned the items to Jones as he went through his spiel about Outlands again just to make him stop. Then he went on about how amazing these items were.

I'm quite sick of the man. Almost done though.

He insisted I go to outland, great wonders, artifacts, excitement, junk. Junk I'll never survey for. There is no point. Back to Kalimdor I went. More of the same. Though I heard that there was another place that had night elf artifacts in similar quantity. The northern lands I was so accustomed to and hadn't seen in ages. It would be nice to return there once again, perhaps discover new things and items long forgotten. Kalimdor though profitable in my ultimate goal has become very boring.

Back to Jones, to get the latest skill and finally go to a new location. He, of course, asked how Outland was, and I could have lied. I probably should have. He told me I must first use my skills for something more difficult until he would show me what I needed in order to venture to Northrend. I needed the maps, I couldn't even go back to Kalimdor now unless I did what he asked. I left, went outside, and had an idea. I just needed the maps.

I jumped on my Blue Drake and dropped onto the roof outside the library. I waited. I saw her run in from the throne room. She had maps. She had some ugly artifact I did not recognize. An expression of pride. I'd follow her. I used mind vision. She didn't even notice. Now I could find out what was on his precious maps and he would never know.

Luck would have it that she had come back from outland. The artifact was some ancient Orc item. They chatted about it, he mentioned dwarves, earthen, Brann, discoveries in the desert, and a new race. Some new project he was working on, an expedition he was joining. None of it mattered to me. Then they shifted to what she should expect next. Trolls, some Night Elf, and he went on about Vykrul for some time.

Then he cautioned her about Nerubians. Their artifacts were not for everyone. Hints of the gods they worshiped were in many of their works. Many did not enjoy the nature of their artifacts. Some studied them and were not heard of again. Mysteriously setting out on some solo expedition. I was interested in something he seemed to dislike and almost fear, as well as a race which was now nearly extinct.

Finally, he showed her the maps. Gave her a copy. I made my own rough copy making special note of the Night Elf and Nerubian locations.

Off to Northrend I flew.

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