Monday, May 30, 2011

Character Progression in Cata

I really miss wrath style heroics. No, not because they were easier. Because when I ran them on my main, I'd occasionally get to run them with other mains in guild. What happened to mains running heroics? There has been quite a bit that has changed since wrath, and I don't think any one reason is the cause behind this. But lets go through how any char seems to progress in my guild.

Week 1, your a new 85 with bought/crafted boe epics and blues. So you jump strait into heroics running them for a few days (since it's a weekly cap now). Now you are full heroic or above ilevel. Time to do troll heroics, so you pug some and burnout on doing those before 5pm. Maybe 4-7 more days of trolls, maybe you get a guild group randomly because we never plan any, eww they all wanted achievements, that took 2 hours longer than needed. Oh wait, you wanted achievements too, but still burned out before 5pm. Now you are mostly epics ready to go into raids by week 2, just in time for the alt run!

Lets insert me into that. I sign on at or after 5pm. Well that was easy, I'm pugging everything I might want to do. On the off chance I do get into one of these alt guild groups. Oh fun: " eww they all wanted achievements, that took 2 hours longer than needed." Time for bed! Oh well, pugging is okay I can still talk to my friends... "work" ... "I'm burned out, time for Rift" ... "I'm doing PVP" ... "I'm doing a serious raid, no talking, too serious" ... "..." (guess they were afk) ... "Lets play SC! Oh sorry, gotta use scissors to cut lawn, brb in 16 hours" ... or they aren't even online.

In wrath I could be online before 5pm, but still people tended to do things... after 5pm. Their mains would even run things! What happened to that... Raids are easier than heroics maybe? Do you want to spend 1-2 hours doing a heroic (1 boss) or 1-2 hours raiding (2-4 bosses and loot). Also what is the reward for extra points? If you are an enchanter crystals, that is it. Firelands will be adding primordial saronite equivalents, maybe that will help. There will still be the whole "hurry and burnout before Sakaki signs on," but maybe I could convince someone to actually take part in a planned time for heroics? Maybe it'll work for the first time, unlike the last 6 attempts by other people.


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