Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three 10s make 25

Since the expansion came out my guild has been focusing on 10 man raiding. I've always enjoyed this more. 25 just seemed an odd number to me. I was used to the 40 or 15s of vanilla even though those make even less sense looking back at them. I'd still like there to be a 40 man raid come around again, just something for fun and not 3 days long. The guild has been running two 10 mans for a while now, with some minor attendance issues, including the blizzard knocking out my 10's tank last week and us barely raiding.

But tonight, we are joining up with another guild on our server to combine our two guilds three 10 man raids into one 25. I can't say I'm thrilled, but all the reasons make sense. Also, I'll always like helping people and will pretty much always come along. With the new patch coming out today, along with the new dual guild 25 being attempted I can hardly imagine it will go smoothly. My last dual guild raid was in vanilla, and there was a little issue involving a belt, an enchanting pattern, and me. While it is the only claim to fame I have, I hate telling it, and for some reason continue to do so.

Luckily the only loots I'm obsessed over drop outside of raids and I think I've matured a bit since then, and well defined loot rules should hopefully make tension from drops not as much of an issue as they used to be. So I'm hopeful the raid goes well and the only issues we have stem from addons and instance servers. Not the players or guilds.

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