Thursday, February 10, 2011

Altena: The Begining

A few weeks ago I heard of a very interesting item. I was hiding in my normal little dark corner of the new Dwarven District bar using mind vision to observe those outside as they went about their business. Just in case any of them were acting suspicious today. I was behind some plate wearer’s mind on one of the new drakes when I overheard one of the current guild members talking about a new rare item healers were after. They said it once belonged to Tyrande, the Night Elf priestess I had visited on a few occasions. A simple doll that was lost ages ago that holds unique properties. I caught the word archaeology before the man decided to fly away on his new dragon, perhaps to escape the strange sensation my spell was giving him. I normally wouldn’t have canceled my spell just to make him wonder what was happening, but I was intrigued.

I had heard of the new trainer who could teach you skills in Archaeology, but I had not had a reason to visit him or even suspect him of anything suspicious yet. I figured he had been in this city too long to go without me observing him for a little bit, and I knew he couldn’t hide from me for long. After a quick check in trade district for him, I went to the keep to check the library. I found him right away, teaching some new archaeology students about “digging” or something. It looked like a small class and it was about to be over. I approached him as his students wandered away and requested the skills to start “digging” or whatever it was you had to do. He taught me the basics quickly and I left not wanting to stay too long and I’m sure he was relieved.

With a map of dig sites in hand and a new Archaeology “digging tool” I set off on my Blue Drake to find some Night Elf ruins. However, it was not that easy. The first few places I came to were fossil and dwarf. Then a troll and I began to wonder if I’d ever see a Night Elf fragment. Then I came to that little grove in Duskwood that contained one of the entrances to the Emerald Dream I’ve heard about. I got my first few fragments and was content to continue searching.

I soon moved over to Kalimdor, the current home of the Night Elves, and was able to find many more dig sites on my map that contained Night Elf fragments. I obtained many pieces and soon it was time to return to the Harrison Jones fellow and get a new map and techniques. He seemed just as busy as before, but seeing my interest he stopped and taught me a few new tricks so I could get back out and keep practicing my new skill.

I returned to Kalimdor and soon decided to try sorting through some of fragments of the Dwarves and fossils I had found. I discovered a few artifacts in the pieces I had gathered. A Bodacious Door Knocker made me smile, and the Imprint of a Kracken Tentacle found far inland suggested many things. None of which I’m sure of, but do these creatures even still exist? It seemed rather frightening to think about what could be lurking below the waters when traveling over the ocean. I’m not sure about taking the boats anymore, I’m glad The portal to Mt. Hyjal exists for an alternate route to Kalimdor now.

I shall need to visit Harrison Jones again soon as I continue my search. I find myself spending very little time in Stormwind now, which I guess it is a good thing to get out more often.

PS. Going on vacation, be back in a week or if I feel like posting from my phone O.O ~Sakaki
pps. good luck with your raids <3

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