Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Alabama...

There are Hardee's! Though I didn't get to eat breakfast at one :(
The speed limit goes to 70! Vroom vroom :D
The chai tea at Serda's Coffee Company is amazing! /swoon
The roads are huge! But traffic is worse =/
The toasted breads are soft and delicious! I hate the hard toasts up here, how do people eat it :(
There's seafood dishes for everything! Yummy omelets :)
The gas is cheaper! But no auto stop when filling (at the one place I went) O.o
There's the one girl I'll really miss. I hope I'll see her again in a few months! >.<

Vacation was fun, and slow. I was able to install wow on my laptop and help get us the fishing achievement when waiting for a certain someone to get off work. Hope everyone had good raids while I was gone. I'll post some more about more interesting stuff soon, and continue my rp thingy.

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