Thursday, January 27, 2011

Druid Blogs

I've become absolutely addicted to reading druid blogs. It all started 2-3 weeks ago when I started looking up more information about my class/spec. I came across healing blogs and forums and posts about certain bosses. It reminded me of Keredria's blog Tree of Life I had found ages ago and stopped reading due to work, and moving. I thought about how I hadn't read that blog in ages, but then I just took out my Teldrassil Sproutling and moved on. The following week I was back looking up stuff about healing Chimaeron as a resto Druid. Which lead me to googling "Healing Chimaeron" and getting Kae's blog Dreambound.

Reading her blog is quite amazing because we seem to agree on lots of druidy things. She seems pretty cool too. :) It also made me realize why I was feeling a bit down lately. Other people I've been talking to really haven't been giving me any feedback about my class. I had though if rolling three stacks of lifebloom would be useful for anything, but had no one to even mention that to. I also had the idea that introducing the wild mushroom as a healing spell as well would probably making healing a lot more interesting and even sure up our weak AOE healing. Which I just found out is on Lissanna's blog Restokin.

I think I'll be checking out blogs until I run out of links to new ones. There seems to be a lot more information in these blogs than anywhere else I've seen as of yet. I might even make a few friends along the way :) Also, reading all of there blogs really makes me want to keep up on my own, especially seeing I had ideas around the same time some of them did. Maybe I'll discover something awesome!


  1. Got linked her from Dreambound.

    No love for the ferals?? =P

  2. lol, I've been resto forever, so those are the ones that got me interested in all of this. I enjoy reading about all aspects of druids, but I can't say I've been clicking many of the feral sounding links yet. ;) Big Bear Butt is quite a good read though if you're wondering.

  3. Oh gosh, I know about Big Bear Butt, in fact there is a whole slew of Feral blogs I currently read daily. Big Bear Butt is one of the first blogs that got me interested myself in blogging. That and

  4. Welcome to the Fellowship of Druids. We are indeed a community both ingame and now in the blogging world.

    Recently I have jumped into the fray because of all the great sources and influences that I have benefitted from, I hope to give a little something back. I am not neccasarily ready to try my hand at a guide or reference ingame tips yet, instead the sapling of a blog I am rolling out is more story driven and a growing saga. I am planning on incorporating lots of the druids I run with as well as druids in the community we all respect and appreciate.

    Come check it out at:

  5. Back in the days of 40-man raids, I had up to 8 other druids raiding in my guild that I could go to for advice or just to bounce ideas off of. Now, having 3 druids on my raiding roster for a 10-man is actually uncommon (afaik) compared to most other 10-man guilds, so the opportunity to get feedback and share ideas has come through the form of my blogging. I mean, sure, I could hang out on the forums, but I think there are fewer trolls out here ;)

    I love the opportunity to share ideas with other druids who are on other servers and raid with different groups. It helps us to pool our experiences because ultimately, we're all facing the same pixel-dragons :D