Thursday, August 6, 2009


So the other night was a raid with a new patch, omfg. I love healing though, so I didn't complain. The major issues would be addons, they always break and mess up, right? Well mine were all fine, I don't use very many, and the only one that died was carbonite, and I barely use it anyways. So what's the first thing I see when I join the raid? Half the people are logging on and off trying to get their addons working. I understand this is their first time on all day, but why do they need so many to function I always wonder.

I never like patches, there's too much hassle when one comes out. First there's the patch, which needs to download. It's nice that part of it preloads once they know they are done with parts, but it can still be a while. Also, nice they use a torrent since the more people downloading it the faster it has a chance to go. Then it has to install which always takes a while. Then the servers have to come back from the extended downtime when they update the server software. Then you have all your addons that break and you need to try and get them back. Then the addon website is overloaded by everyone else trying to get their addons. Then there's the random bugs that each patch brings (strafe and jump then shapeshift into crow form, whee!). Then there is the lag from everyone trying to do everything new all at the same time, which may or may not crash the server.

Really though, this was one of the best patch days (or weeks) I've ever been through. I downloaded the patch, read the notes, got new addons, and by then the servers were up and then addon websites crashed. So I logged in and was ready for the raid that night. I'm just sitting there slightly fixing grid so it doesn't error out, which is really easy, don't even need to log off. People are trying to get a new DBM, which there isn't one, and complaining about xperl. As always people take a good 30 min to get to the instance, and even longer since they keep logging off to mess with addons.

I've never seen the point of a vastly different user interface for any of my characters. Before my mage I didn't really need any sort of bar mod. And when I used one I didn't replace blizz, just added some extra buttons I could customize of keybind. So when people completely replace the UI and then freak out on patch day, I always wonder why they do that to themselves. If you don't freak out, yay!

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