Monday, August 17, 2009


So I'm really considering dual spec of restro/restro. Seems insane to me because I always loved balance a little. Ever since the starfall from the mounted lady in WC3. I was trying out what it would be like to try and do daily quests in my current restro spec. Well using spells is just fine, I have some feral gear, but eww feral.

Everything was fine until I aggroed 5 things at once. In my balance spec this would be no problem, but I had to switch to bear to live. So I'm able to live no problem, but if you've never seen a restro druid take on 5 mobs in bear form... take 15 min and watch sometime. So now I'm a bit worried about switching, though I did start a new druid that I'm going to make feral, so maybe I'll level her a little faster once I switch. Or maybe I won't like two healing specs. It will be interesting though.

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