Sunday, October 4, 2009


My new baby druid Sproutling! Already level 45, and dps feral so far. I want to dual spec her into restro someday since the name is perfect. However, I made her to learn feral, so I should make her a tank eventually. It's really fun to level a druid again, and in a completely different way than my last one. I've almost always been restro, and balance otherwise. Now with a feral it's more interesting to finally see how to do feral dps.

It may seem completely crazy to make another druid, but I really like the idea. I think it's better to learn things through leveling, and that's why I'm learning feral. Also, I don't have any other alts I want to level at this time. Lastly, it's nice to level a druid again, I barely remeber the last time I did it.

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